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Over 35 years as a Process Server in southern and northern California.
Highly recognized for my experience, expertise, service-completion record,  trustworthiness and go-getter attitude.
Military experience in Intelligence as a Recon Marine and in the U.S. Air Force - Top Secret Codeword clearance and access in both.  Police Officer and Investigator on 2 Police Departments; Court appointed Expert in Civil & Criminal Accident Investigation/Reconstruction.  Instructor at the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Academy.  Private Investigator, Bounty Hunter, Bouncer and Security Chief for a major Department Store chain.
If at all possible, I try to make service attempts the same day or next day after I receive your documents.  Other Servers will charge you a RUSH FEE for that - I don’t.
You are taking a chance when using anyone else.  I can assure you I have the best background and experience and will do my best for you as a client.  Give me a call (916-220-0914) or send me an email (ProcessServing@att.net) and let’s get started on your service needs right away.  I am almost always available 7-days per week.
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